“…She covers so much ground stylistically and thematically, and her work has a wonderful way of grabbing your attention by being audacious, surprising, rambunctious, I cant find the word (people diving into walls, you know what I’m referring to, the Nashville Flood man, that incredible face with the wires coming out of his head, etc.)– it has that HEY!! quality, but as soon as it gets your attention by shouting HEY!!! visually, it whispers the content in your ear, asks questions very gently, gives you the occasional Wet Willie; I cannot compare her work to anyone else’s. Maybe Peter Bruegal in small ways, in the aliveness, in the surprises, in the constant rewards for revisitation. You know most artists, I think, come up with one thing they can do, and once you’ve figured it out (for you, anyway) what they are doing, each work is just a restatement of that. Not Nance. Everything I have seen of hers is a separate statement with its own past, its own face, its own heart and soul…”  Steve Barney  July 24, 2013

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