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Making books-that-move from books is something I have been playing with for the last few years.  I will be adding photos to this section as well as more into the Kinetic text page.

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Color My Despair (2013) was another repurposed collection of process prints. I loved the random nature of how the colors and patterns showed up on the pages and sought a book form that would display the accidental rhythm that resulted. This accordion fold book has the printing plate incased in the cover. This structure was chosen because it allows for the viewing of the prints as whole units, both front and back. The printing plate was a glue-on-acrylic sheet that was first printed years earlier. For this piece I printed the image onto the pages of a Japanese advertising brochure I had found in a Strand bin. The original artist proof of the print Despair is laid on top of some of the pages below (on left side.)

grief 3grief 2big despair layout





DSCN4526Malcolm (2012) is my answer to all those prints that are generated to develop a process, a repurposing opportunity to use my renegades. I was trying to teach myself a silk aqua tint process & engraving using acrylic plates on a Vandercook. None of the prints were successful as stand-alone-prints, but all of them were interesting enough to think about using at another time, so I threw them into a box and kept them. When I found them in fit of studio cleanup (rare as it may be) I decided to bind them into a type of process journal. All the prints were generated in one day so I made it ‘a day in the life’ book. I named my subject and invented a full 24 hour day for him. Only three of the prints were usable as is. The rest have been altered with different media to advance the storyline and, if I’m honest, a chance to play in the ‘tool box’. The book is Coptic bound using the acrylic printing plates mounted to the cover. I really wanted the viewer to have the opportunity to feel how the plates were printed. The prints are mounted in slits so that they are removable if you loved one and wanted to display it. The back of the book has a separate section, a little lagniappe, that holds some failed-on-any-level prints and some semi-worked ones that don’t advance the storyline. All the prints generated are in the book. This allowed me to show the base on which some of the mono prints were built. Hopefully, it provides the viewer an understanding of the whole process. It has become one of my favorite works and taught me that a bad print might someday turn into an opportunity for a good book !(Available)

Cooley-3.jpgFlorida’s Creatures  (2008) was the direct result of a unique paper find in Seattle, a great topic that arose through a show opportunity, the invitation to work on the reproduction 18th century hand press at MTSU, and a love of carving blocks! Since its production it has juried into several shows including the ‘FEATHERS, FINS and FOLIAGE’ at the Lemoyne Center for the Arts in Florida (for which it was designed), Portland’s Sandy Gallery ‘BOOK POWER’ show and Nashville Hand Made & Bound’s ‘ENCODED STUCTURES’ in 2011.  Limited edition of 8 were bound. There are 3 bound books as well as artist proofs of different prints still available.

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