Kinetic Text

New piece  Functioning Anxiety made from Acrylic pieces, paper clay, springs, gearsfunctioning-anxiety-2functioning-anxiety-1functioning-anxiety-4-2








FullSizeRender (24) Still HOPE - 2016      made from Paper clay, wood, glass & feathers, spools, Davey boardFullSizeRender (22)    FullSizeRender (21)







Res Ipsa Loquitur (2)

Res Ipsa LoquiturRes Ipsa Loquitur – 2016    for Jim Markman

automaton from cigar boxes, paper clay, dowels, wood discs and metal tube, with a eccentric cam mechanism. Pieces are disassembled and stored in bottom box.

self diagnosis 3contemplating options  3contemplating options 2









Self Diagnosis  – 2015                 Contemplating Options – 2015

The odd wood boxes I found at Goodwill have been used to play with movements I hadn’t used before. I like the silent crank on the Pantin piece, as well as the “clacking” sound when the limbs move. Will make an edition

She could never keep her thoughts to herself

She Could Never Keep Her Thoughts To Herself – 2015

Sculpted Haiku made from studio discards including: Plaster strips, card board, matt board, Davey board, illustration board, acrylic panels, dowels, pine board, paint chips, handmade paper, twine, foam core, nuts, washers, a compass, mirror, paper clay and lots and lots of Jade glue! My first attempt at multilevel with several types of mechanisms and the good news is —IT WORKS!


good side flyingdreamsfrount conversationgood group


For the last few years I have been thinking about how to make movement a part of my Sculpted Haiku series. In order to do this, I have been busy learning the basic mechanics of movement through books and the internet. I love Dug North’s website & Rodney Peppe’s book was extremely helpful. While learning movement possibilities, I have been attempting to teach myself how to sculpt in different materials. It is a really enjoyable, frustrating, and time consuming process. Each piece requires research into movement, rhythm, and also construction techniques. Some of them will be turned into limited editions (if successful) but most will be unique pieces that document the process (once is sometimes enough!)


forward in dreamsFlying Dreams will be produced in two sizes in editions of 4. It took me awhile to figure out how to bend the dowels and to formulate a type of paper that would give me strength and pliability. I searched for a mechanisim that would feel like flying and found one that cause the wings to flap, the body to glide and the hands and feet to push in and out.

All of the base, body and most of the movement is made from cardboard, davy board, dowels and other scraps found in my studio. As a multimedia artist I have generated such an enormous amount of waste I have begun to see how much viable art I can produce from the repurposed materials. The result is unusual pieces that contain bits of cryptic messages from projects past, which I really enjoy discovering.


Along with the automata I have been investigating different forms of the persistence of debuscope 1vision concept and pre cinema inventions. I  have really enjoyed the Debuscope, a modification of the kaleidoscope. My adaptations have text as an integral part of the each piece. The haiku can be read as the strips are passed through the device. The first one I have completed is titled The View From Jane’s Head, and includes a haiku along with intricate patterns on it’s deign strip. This piece is constructed of plaster, paper clay, mirrors, and pen & ink on illustration board.

Thank you in advance for respecting the copyrights on my pieces


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