Works on Paper

Bill contour drawingTwo contour drawings for     In Search of Home  – Bill’s new acoustic album coming out the end of September Bill contour 2.2016






Oblivion – print from an  engraved acrylic plate to be used as CD cover art for Gang Forward’s new album – printed March 2016




Here is a portion of the YOU, ME, WE  suite that is part of the Gray Matter series.  6 color, hand cut linloleum blocks, pochoir, stamped, wood and metal type, letterpress printed on my 1904 POCO printing press.  18×24 ( edition of 5 in each.) The Gray Matter series was produced for the TACA Master Apprentice show held at The Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery.  Prints included all the techniques that I shared with my apprentice during the crazy, fun filled, demented printing sessions we had over 6 months of our working relationship. More prints from show below. Show was  9/25 – 11/14  2014 –  Nashville TN









The Contemplating Time and Adverbs – series consisted of 4 prints with 12 color frottage with hand cut linoleum overprinting done on the POCO. Example on the left  is  After Midnight  -2014 -24×36 unframed

cooley-1-eINTENT – 2014 nance aaron (1)The print on the right was printed on the POCO but is a hand rubbed acrylic plate engraving, printed with  Akua Intaglio inks.  It is part of the Gray Matter series and is 16×20 framed with 5 in the edition.

SURPRISE –2014 (on the left) is a hand cut linoleum block print using mico carving tools printed on my Poco nance destiny (1)

DESTINY – 2014 (left)      3 color print from a few cardboard plates and metal type on colored cardstock

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               39. NCooley-American Handjive


American Hand Jive – was included in the NYC Pen & Brush’s ‘IN THE NEWS’ show, curated by Morley Safer &  the ‘WAR AGAINST PEACE’-Criel Gallery Charlotte, NC. Letterpress printed, hand carved linoleum & wood blocks, wood type, with a metal dingbat for the star covering his eye.

This blue series is one I continue to play with .cooley_blueshighway.jpg It began as an entry (Blues Highway) that became a part of the  ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’  show at the  Attleboro Art Museum in Attleboro, MA. I printed an enormous amount of the ‘blue-bases’ with wood & metal type to insure I would have plenty of prints to play with. Occasionally I will experiment and apply different text or  media to the base print to change the meaning. I have displayed this suite of monoprints  with a guest book that allows viewers to add to the blue list – blue moon, blue velvet, blue meanies, etc.  I do have plans to turn part of the suite into an artist book in future. When the book is done it will be shown on the Artist Books page. Check there soon.blue3ncooley_2bluemonday.jpg






Still Hope & Despair are basically monoprints. They were printed from a glue-on-acrylic plate that rapidly deteriorates as the plate is printed. The plate and the inking process insures that each one is unique. I love the speed, fluidity, and tones that this form of plate provides. Still Hope was part of the ‘EGO’ show held Newark DE.

Despair was in LINES INTO SHAPES  show.  When I rediscovered my plate, ( it pays to clean the studio)I decided to see what would happen if I printed the image over the pages of a brightly printed Japanese brochure. Each impression was random & I loved them! So, I  bound them into an accordion fold book, which is shown with the Artist Books. My AP of Despair was printed on handmade paper and shown laying on top of book plates below.

grief 3grief 2grief 5




For the FOUR WOMEN, FOUR POINTS OF VIEW show at MTSU, I printed two prints based on our conversations about ‘what we would do if ‘… – linoleum blocks, metal type.

nancy cooley #5nancy cooley #4


Thank you in advance for respecting the copyrights on my pieces


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  1. Sherrie Zeitlin says:

    Visiting Janet in St Paul and have had the delight to hold and view your wonderful book on endangered species. Going to your website and seeing the plethora of work you have accomplished and the scope to which you seem to effortlessly flow is amazing. It’s a pleasure to meet you through the eyes of Janet and your website.
    One day I hope we meet,
    Sherrie Zeitlin

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