In Other Words

Fearlessly he dove          Cleanly slicing between words            Movement in meaning


In Other Words is one in a series of sculpted haiku. What began as a site specific piece for  a show at Nashville’s Main Library, turned into a continuing exploration of the centuries old technology of letterpress printing and its relevance as a contemporary art form in the 21st century.  I continue to add text and images and consider it an evolving piece much like the Spanish kiosks covered in advertisement flyers, for local bands or the next fight in the Las Ventas bullring, that inspired it.

I love the visual richness of  living versions of ancient palimpsests. While traveling through Europe I am drawn to the colorful graffiti walls, public information kiosks, street signs, telephone poles covered in flyers,  and the church bulletin boards that display  information about upcoming services and events. It is the collision of the multiple announcements and overlapping images that appeals to me. Time seems trapped between the old and new layers of information. Dates pass and the words fade as the detritus of yesterday becomes partially obscured by the present. They are so layered, accidentally textured and amazingly beautiful.

The small broadsides were generated on a Vandercook proofing press, and the large broadsides and block prints were produced on the reproduction 18th century hand press located in the Walker Library at MTSU. They are used in conjuction with other forms of ephemera in an examination of the mystique of multiple texts and images, the relationship of text to type, the deliberate erasure and reemergence of information, and the integration of various forms of process into a singular context.

In Other Words consists of 7 panels that are 4ft x 2 ft x 3in & the Diving Man panel is 7 1/2 ft high x 2 ft wide x 14 in deep. Displaying in an approximate 10ft x 22 ft area. I used hand made and sculpted paper, print papers, hand set wood and metal type, acrylics, hand carved linoleum blocks, computer generated text, transfers, personal photos, styrofoam, wood, and metal.

Thank you in advance for respecting my copyrights

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