7/3/2012- adding a new book to the book section. Malcolm was made from all the prints as well as the plates used in a days worth of printing. Last year I wanted to learn dry-point and decided to teach myself on acrylic plates. The plates wear out after about 10 pulls so there is no consistency but the images were great and each so unique. This June I came across the box of prints where I found I had 20 mono-prints  so I decided to turn them all into a process journal with a story. Turned into a day in the life of Malcolm. Everything that was generated on that day is now bound with some additional media added to some of the prints. I enjoyed the process and the challenge. Think I may clean out more of the studio as a result!

2/17/12- Just back from from trip to Paris & Amsterdam. Hoping to include some of the visuals in my new pieces. There are  some experimental books as well as sculptural works in progress and I will unveil the pieces and the process once I get more organized. My press room studio is nearly completed and I will be working on new prints as part of this year’s big project. Hopefully, I will continue to post new images and information in a more timely manner, so check back regularly.


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