Print at the Frist

cooley-3-a.jpgME – (2014- part of the Grey Matter series) was selected to be included in the Frist Center for The Visual Arts’ Anthology: Visual Narratives from Nashville’s Print Community. The print will be shown in the Conte Community Gallery from November 7, 2015 to February 7, 2016. The Frist is located at 919 Broadway, Nashville, TN

ME is one in a suite of prints that seeks to evoke the emotional thought process of a woman upon entering into a new relationship. YOU, ME,WE – use the same printing elements to depict different fears and concerns as the relationship progresses. They are 18×24, 6 color, limited edition – wood and metal type, hand carved linoleum blocks, pochoir, metal and wood gear plates, Letterpress printed on my 1904 Poco Press.

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